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Krista Hazelwood is a Native American actor and voice over artist. She has most recently been voicing the character of Pocahontas for various Disney projects, played the role Inez on Curious George, and has landed roles in two upcoming video games that are releasing in the fall of 2020.  

She began her career as a professional dancer which evolved into many acting opportunities where she's developed a wide range of experience in the industry including commercials, film, TV, and live performances. She has appeared on shows such as Togetherness, Major Crimes, and Heartbreaker to name a few. 


Along the way she was also the COO of a nationwide event staffing agency in which she worked with hundreds of companies to promote brands + products. Her background in this industry has uniquely positioned her to understand clients needs when it comes to marketing while simultaneously using her creative talents to bring any role to life. 

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